Workout Shorts Pockets

How to Efficiently Pack Workout Shorts Pockets

Workout shorts are a convenient and comfortable option for those who want to exercise without feeling restricted. However, fitting everything you need into the pockets of your workout shorts can be a challenge. From your phone to your keys to your wallet, it can seem impossible to carry everything you need without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to help you fit everything you need into your workout shorts pockets. By strategically placing items and using the right types of pockets, you can carry everything you need without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Whether you're going for a run, hitting the gym, or doing some other form of exercise, these tips can help you stay organized and prepared.

Choosing the Right Material

shorts with pocket

When it comes to workout shorts, choosing the right material is crucial for both comfort and functionality. There are several different materials to consider, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Understanding Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials such as polyester, spandex, and nylon are popular choices for workout shorts due to their durability and ability to wick away sweat. These materials are also known for their four-way stretch, which allows for a full range of motion during exercise.

However, some people may find synthetic materials to be less breathable than natural materials such as cotton. Additionally, some individuals may be sensitive to the feel of synthetic fabrics against their skin.

Benefits of Cotton and Blends

Cotton and cotton blends are another popular choice for workout shorts. These materials are soft, breathable, and comfortable, making them an ideal option for those with sensitive skin.

However, cotton is not as moisture-wicking as synthetic materials, which means that sweat may accumulate and make the shorts feel heavy and uncomfortable during exercise. Additionally, cotton may not have the same four-way stretch as synthetic materials, which could limit range of motion during certain exercises.

From energy gels to a mini first aid kit, the extra pockets make it easy to carry all your workout essentials without compromising comfort.

Innovations in Sweat-Wicking Fabrics

In recent years, there have been several innovations in sweat-wicking fabrics that combine the benefits of synthetic and natural materials. These fabrics are designed to be both breathable and moisture-wicking, making them an ideal choice for those who want the best of both worlds.

One example of a sweat-wicking fabric is a polyester and spandex blend that combines the durability and stretch of synthetic materials with the softness and breathability of cotton. Another example is a fabric made from bamboo, which is naturally moisture-wicking and antibacterial.

Design Features for Maximum Utility

shorts design

When it comes to workout shorts, having enough pockets to store all your essentials is crucial. Here are some design features to look for when searching for workout shorts with maximum utility.

Strategic Pocket Placement

The placement of pockets is key to ensuring that items are easily accessible while working out. Look for shorts that have pockets placed in convenient locations such as on the sides or back of the shorts. Many shorts also have a phone pocket on the side of the leg, which is perfect for keeping your phone within reach during your workout.

Securing Your Items with Zip Pockets

Zip pockets are a great feature to have in workout shorts as they provide extra security for your items. Look for shorts that have at least one zippered pocket, which is perfect for storing keys or other small items that you don't want to lose during your workout.

Incorporating Built-In Liners

Some workout shorts come with a built-in compression short or inner brief, which can be a great feature for those who want added support and coverage during their workout. These built-in liners can also have pockets, which provide an extra layer of storage for your essentials.

Optimising Comfort and Fit

Comfort and Fit shorts

When it comes to workout shorts, comfort and fit are key. Here are some tips to help optimise both.

Adjustable Waistbands for a Custom Fit

An elastic waistband is a must-have for workout shorts, but an adjustable waistband takes it to the next level. Look for shorts with a drawstring or adjustable waistband to ensure a custom fit. This will not only help keep your shorts in place during your workout, but it will also provide added comfort.

Choosing the Right Inseam Length

Inseam length can greatly affect both comfort and fit. For those who prefer a shorter inseam, a 3-inch inseam may be ideal. However, for those who prefer more coverage, a 5-inch inseam may be a better choice. It's important to try on different inseam lengths to find what works best for you.

Ensuring Full Range of Motion

A full range of motion is essential for any workout, and your shorts should not restrict movement. Look for shorts with an elastic waistband and high-rise waistband to ensure full range of motion. Additionally, consider the fabric and stretchiness of the shorts to ensure they move with you during your workout.

Selecting Shorts for Different Activities

Shorts for Different Activities

When it comes to selecting workout shorts, there are a few things to consider based on the activity you will be doing. The right pair of shorts can make all the difference in terms of comfort and functionality. Here are some tips on how to choose the best shorts for running, gym workouts, and yoga or flexibility training.

The Best Shorts for Running

When it comes to running, the right pair of shorts can make all the difference. Look for shorts that are lightweight, breathable, and have a moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. Running shorts should also have a comfortable waistband that won't dig in or cause irritation.

Some popular options for running shorts include split shorts, which have a shorter inseam and allow for a greater range of motion, and compression shorts, which can provide support and help prevent muscle fatigue.

Versatile Shorts for the Gym

For gym workouts, you'll want shorts that are comfortable and versatile. Look for shorts that have a flexible waistband and a lightweight, breathable fabric.

Athletic gym shorts with pockets can be a great option for the gym, as they allow you to keep your phone, keys, and other essentials on hand. Some shorts also have zippered pockets to keep your belongings secure during exercise.

Shorts for Yoga and Flexibility Training

When it comes to yoga and flexibility training, you'll want shorts that are comfortable, flexible, and won't restrict your movement. Look for shorts that have a stretchy fabric and a comfortable waistband that won't dig in or cause irritation.

Some popular options for yoga shorts include high-waisted shorts, which provide extra coverage and support, and shorts with a wide leg opening, which can allow for a greater range of motion.

Top Brands and Models

Top Brands

When it comes to workout shorts, finding the right fit is important. However, it's equally important to have pockets that can hold all of your essentials. Here are some of the top brands and models that offer functional pockets for your workout needs.

Premium Brands for High Performance

Under Armour, Lululemon, Nike, and Gymshark are some of the premium brands that offer high-performance workout shorts with functional pockets. These brands use high-quality materials and innovative designs to provide a comfortable and functional workout experience.

The Ten Thousand Interval Short is a popular choice among athletes. It features a lightweight and stretchy fabric that allows for maximum mobility during high-intensity workouts. The shorts also have multiple pockets, including a zippered pocket for secure storage.

Budget-Friendly Options for Everyday Use

If you're looking for budget-friendly options, Baleaf and Mack Weldon offer affordable workout shorts with functional pockets. The Baleaf shorts are made with a moisture-wicking fabric and have two side pockets and a back pocket. The Mack Weldon Stratus Active Short has a minimalist design with a zippered pocket for secure storage.

Specialised Shorts for Athletes

For athletes who need specialised shorts for their sport, the Rhone Mako Short and Vuori Ponto Short are great options. The Rhone Mako Short is designed specifically for running and has a lightweight and breathable fabric. It also has multiple pockets, including a zippered pocket for secure storage. The Vuori Ponto Short is designed for yoga and has a stretchy fabric that allows for maximum flexibility. It also has multiple pockets, including a hidden waistband pocket.

Best Overall Gym Shorts

If you're looking for the best overall gym shorts, the Lululemon Pace Breaker Linerless Short is a great choice. It has a comfortable and lightweight fabric that allows for maximum mobility during workouts. It also has multiple pockets, including a zippered pocket for secure storage. Compare the pocket capacity of Kings Gym shorts with other brands. See how these shorts stand out in providing ample space for your belongings.

Best Budget Gym Shorts

For those on a budget, the Baleaf shorts are a great option. They offer a comfortable and functional design with multiple pockets at an affordable price.

Best Everyday Gym Shorts

If you're looking for gym shorts that you can wear every day, the Mack Weldon Stratus Active Short is a great choice. It has a minimalist design that looks great both in and out of the gym. It also has a zippered pocket for secure storage.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can one maximise space in workout shorts pockets?

To maximise space in workout shorts pockets, one can try folding items such as keys and tissues. Additionally, using compact items such as wireless earbuds or a slim wallet can help save space. However, it is important to not overload the pockets as it may cause discomfort or damage to the shorts.

What are the best workout shorts with phone pockets for women?

There are many options for workout shorts with phone pockets for women. Some popular brands include Nike, Lululemon, and Under Armour. It is important to consider factors such as size and accessibility when choosing a pair of workout shorts with phone pockets.

What is the purpose of the small pocket in athletic shorts?

The small pocket in athletic shorts, often located inside the larger pocket, is designed to hold small items such as coins or keys. It is a convenient feature for those who prefer not to mix their small items with larger items in the same pocket.

How can men securely store their belongings in workout shorts pockets?

Men can securely store their belongings in workout shorts pockets by using items such as a slim wallet or a phone armband. Additionally, choosing shorts with secure pockets and a snug fit can help prevent items from falling out during physical activity.

What should be worn under tight-fitting gym shorts for comfort and discretion?

For comfort and discretion, it is recommended to wear compression shorts or underwear under tight-fitting gym shorts. This can help prevent chafing and provide support during physical activity.

Should gym shorts fit snugly, and how does this affect pocket utility?

Gym shorts should fit snugly but not be too tight. A snug fit can help prevent the shorts from shifting during physical activity, but overly tight shorts may restrict movement and cause discomfort. The fit of the shorts can affect pocket utility, as pockets may be more accessible and secure with a snug fit.